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CSI 2019


01/07/2019 to 26/07/2019

Cambridge UK

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About the CSI2019 directors - Sam and Magda


Magda Maszczynska has been working within the Academia and Criminal Justice System for the past 13 years. She is currently teaching at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK. She studied Criminology with Criminal Justice and International Relations at University of Plymouth, followed by Masters of Science in Social Research and PhD in Criminology (Transnational Organised Crime. Analysis of Structures and Networks). Magda has been a student, trainer, lecturer and a subject matter expert within fields of criminology and security. She has given talks and presented extensively at international conferences, meetings, colloquia and symposia on an array of subjects and to a diverse collection of audiences. Her research interests include transnational organised crime, terrorism and counter- terrorism and investigative psychology. She is co-authoring a book entitled Security and the State in the Era of Globalization: Criminology in the XXI Century that will be published in 2019.

Samantha Hauptman is currently the Department Chair and an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women’s Studies at the University of South Carolina Upstate, USA. She earned her PhD in Sociology (specializing in criminal and social deviance) and Master of Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina. Before beginning her teaching career, she spent 6 years in state prison administration at the South Carolina Department of Corrections, working in inmate programming and prior to that, she was a bartender. Sam teaches a broad range of classes and has a variety of research interests including criminology, criminal justice, globalisation, social control, and migration. In addition to publishing several book chapters and articles, she is the author of The Criminalization of Immigration: The Post 9/11 Moral Panic (2013). She was born and raised in Canada to  a culturally diverse family and remains a relentless advocate for global education and the importance of cultural awareness in our contemporary society. She is co-authoring Security and the State in the Era of Globalization: Criminology in the XXI Century (2019).